4 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

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4 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

We all have a beer lover in our life. It’s the person who never has a dilemma over what to get when you go to a pub, who scoffs at wine – even when you’re eating fish – and who is the person everyone looks at when you get a drinks menu full of foreign beers. Getting a gift for them is easy: just a crate of beer! Or maybe not, because they seem to have drunk them all. So, what could be the perfect gift for the brew fanatic? Here are some ideas:

  • Glasses

  • As any beer lover will know, you shouldn’t drink your beer straight out of a bottle. A glass set is definitely the way to go, especially if you want to get the aroma, the foam and take a good look at the color and the filtration. You want something that has double glass walls, because nobody likes their hands warming up the beer as you drink it. If you care about your tabletops and bar surfaces (and who are we kidding, of course you do, they’re probably natural wood) you don’t want to have any condensation on the outside or the bottom of the glass leaving circles all around. And in the end, if you want it to look cool, why not have bullet-shaped glasses? It’s the perfect way to drink beer and an excellent conversation starter.

  • Brewery tour

  • Your beer-loving friend has probably done quite a bit of research when it comes to the process of making beer. They might have even dabbled in brewing it themselves at home and you might have tried it. But, there’s really nothing like visiting an actual brewery and seeing how the process goes from start to finish in a professional environment. If you’re in Australia, you have to visit the craft brewery in Margaret River for some of the best local brews, or find a local brewery near you. It’s something that combines their love of beer as well as spending time together while you’re taking the tour, so it’s the perfect gift and a great leeway into a birthday evening. You can also get tickets to a craft beer festival or some craft beer workshops that they would like.

  • Bottle opener

  • Everybody loves a good party trick. Like when someone can open a bottle of beer with their teeth, or even with their eye. But, besides being incredibly dangerous, those tricks really don’t suit an adult who enjoys and respects beer. This is where a sophisticated bottle opener comes in. Something like this magnetic bottle opener will be the perfect decoration to sit on your bar or next to your glasses & bottles collection, and the unique mechanic it uses to open the bottles up will definitely grab the attention of anyone around.

  • Beer brewing kit

  • Sure, you can always make do with some pots and pans plus a few grains from the local store, but that isn’t going to get you near the flavor of an actual by-the-books brew. Getting a small home brew kit is the perfect thing for someone who is looking to get more in-depth with beer and if you get them a starter kit with all the fresh ingredients for them to try out, they can play around with the recipe by themselves later and make all kinds of different brews. Who knows, that might someday grow into a real brewing business, but this first step will never be forgotten.


    Of course, you can always get them a non-beer gift, but who else is going think of these cool ideas that they will certainly love and appreciate? Give them something that is useful, interesting and thoughtful. Oh, of course, and something that tastes nice.