5 Best Birthday Gifts for Food Lovers

5 Best Birthday Gifts for Food Lovers

The secret to choosing a perfect gift is in knowing the desires of the person who is going to receive the gift. In case the food is the object of craving, well, it is your lucky day. There is a multitude of cool gifts that will make the food lover tickled pink. You can go for something that is fun, functional, awesome or all of these things at the same time. And since there is going to be a birthday party, you will likely get to taste something delicious yourself.  

Wine tote bag

A bottle of prime wine is an all-time classic. But, how about something that is wine-related, such as Wine tote bag? A two-bottle stylish bag is ideal for wine enthusiasts as it allows them to easily transport the drinks. The adjustable shoulder strap and handles provide comfort and with a chiller pack included, the wine or champagne also stays cold. To delight your wine connoisseur even more, add a handy accessory inside in the form of a bottle opener.  

Traveling snack bowl

Food lovers cannot survive for long without their favorite snacks. Well, with a traveling snack bowl, they can consume food casually and comfortably on the go or anywhere they please. Never again will they have to balance a poorly-designed take-out container on their knee in front of a TV. Also, with two compartments, one can enjoy different kinds of food without the nuisance of unintentional mixing. This is the couch dining and travel munching experience at its finest.

Popcorn popper

There is no better way to treat a popcorn lover than with an amazing popper. These plastic tech companions pop faster than a microwave and are portable, unlike clunky appliances. One is able to make 18 cups of gourmet corn in less than three minutes. Those who like eating, but also to keep track of calories will be happy to know that most poppers produce the favorite food without oil. As a result, it contains 43% less calories than in a microwave popcorn bag.

Catering food

One interesting option is to order some professional food and complement the existing menu. Food can really make or break a birthday party and nobody will say “no” to culinary bliss from services such as New York catering. But, wherever you are, you should be able to find local companies that make food, which is a feast both for the bellies and the eyes. Read the reviews of other customers online and assess the quality, flavor, and appearance of the food to cherry pick the very best salty and sweet treats.

Cheese Scraper

This gift enables one to serve cheese at a party like never before. Namely, you can shave perfect flower-shaped wheels and rosettes, leaving guests to wonder what kind of wizardry you did. In truth, the user just has to turn the lever and witness the magic at work. This is a much more satisfying way to consume everyone’s favorite food. The wheels are also a great way to decorate the trays, doubling as décor pieces. You can also gift the scraper bundled with Swiss cheese called “Tate de Moines”, which is the cream of the crop.

Food: God’s gift to mankind

The art of gifting is not easy to master, although things get easier if we are talking about food. If you want to bring something new and fresh to the table, it is time to look beyond conventional wine bottles. Be creative. Some of the best gifts are those that help him or her prepare food, as well as those that enhance the experience of eating and drinking. You might want to keep these items for yourself, but resist the temptation. Blow away that special person that cannot help but love the last bite on the plate.