5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Fashionable Men

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Fashionable Men

It’s always easier to buy a gift for the ladies – the options are endless, and they actually know what the things that they need are. When it comes to men, the story is a bit more different, mostly because they have no idea what they want. If the guy you’re buying a present for is a style and fashion icon, it gets even trickier. You can’t buy them just anything and get away with it! So, if you happen to have a birthday party of a fashion guru just around the corner, take a look at these tips, and whichever option you choose, you won’t be wrong:

What about shades...

First of all, many of us don’t go after this option, since we all associate sunglasses with summer time, which is definitely wrong. Sunglasses are worn during the whole year (OK, during the summer especially), but it really makes a great and very handy present. This is why getting your fashionable friend (or boyfriend) a pair of good and handcrafted wooden sunglasses is a great idea. However, since you don’t know what kind of shades he prefers, or which ones go well with his face shape, it would be best to do your homework beforehand. Ask him to go shopping for your sunglasses, tell him to try on a couple just for fun. You will then be able to see which ones he likes and what shape you want to go for.

... or a good suit?

Even though it’s perhaps the best present that you can give to your stylish friend, finding a great suit is a tricky thing to do. However, every single guy needs a perfectly tailored suit, and you know that your friend will be out of this world with joy if he gets a good one from you. Since Aussies are excellent in this department, it would be a great idea to choose one of the many options for tailored suits in Melbourne – they fit perfectly and are long-lasting. You will need to somehow get the measures to the tailor, so the job of keeping this present a secret might be close to impossible. But then again, it’s totally worth it!

Telling the time

Men do not accessorize that much, but all of us genuinely love wearing good watches. It doesn’t matter how many watches we own, we always have room for a new one that we can pair with our new suit or jumper. This means that a good watch is an excellent gift – there are many styles, so you’ll probably choose one that your friend will be able to wear sometimes. You can opt for a classy golden or silver one, or perhaps a semi-formal, leather one. The good thing is that you can find so many good watches, either online or in shops at very affordable prices.

The perfect duo

There is something that all of us need, but somehow we take for granted and rarely buy for ourselves. That’s right; we’re talking about underwear and socks. First of all, underwear is extremely important, and you can ask your fashionable friend to tell you exactly the same. Good underwear is easy to find and it’s definitely something that he might be needing sometime in the future. Since a pair of underwear is not regarded as a big present, you can combine it with good novelty socks that he will like. Underwear and socks make a great duo!


You can be the most stylish guy in the world, but if you don’t smell nice – you’re nothing, which means that a bottle of cologne is a great present. This is something that all fashionable people love, and one bottle more on the nightstand is actually a great thing. Before you get him this, make sure that you know what kinds of scents he’s into – perhaps he’s into the citrus colognes, or into the woody ones, on the other hand. It’s very important not to make a mistake here, because it would be quite a tricky situation if you got him the wrong cologne. However, it really is one of the best gifts that you can consider.


As you can see, it might be tricky to get something to a guy, but if you know what he’s into, things are a bit easier. Choose whatever you want from the list above, and your fashionable friend will definitely be extremely happy with your gift.