5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Hipster Men

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Hipster Men

Now, you know that hipster men have a great fashion style, and that artistic eye spans to other areas of their life as well. Getting them the right gift is not that easy of a task, especially when you know how selective they are and much time and effort they put into getting exactly the things they want. Going vintage in a modern world takes a lot of work. So if you are stuck, and without any ideas when it comes to choosing the ideal gift for your resident hipster friend, here are some great ideas.

A beard grooming kit

This is an absolute ideal gift for the hipster man. As you know a beard is an important part of the image and style and it is essential that it is well-groomed and well-kept. You can make a custom-made kit that is ideal for his personal needs. So apart from a great beard wash, you can also include a high-quality beard oil along with the right brush. Taking care of a longer beard is a big obligation, from regular washing to styling and shaping. So you can be certain that your hipster is going to appreciate the gift.

Fun collectibles

This is one of the most unique gifts you can get your hipster. In most cases, hipsters love collectibles, it is reminiscent of the oldays and makes the act of collecting quite a vintage trait. Now you have a lot of modern collectible options, much like the coveted pop vinyl figures that come in various shapes and sizes and you can choose ones that are ideal for his personal taste. You could also go a step further and try to find vintage collectables from the 1950s. A gift like that can go a long way with a true hipster.

Fashionable items

As we have already mentioned, fashion plays a big role in the life of a hipster man. It is his unique way of expression and style. So buying an item that can fit perfectly within his wardrobe selection. Some of the great options are interesting and stylish bow ties, just make sure they go well with the rest of his wardrobe colour palette. In addition, a pair of printed socks is always a great gift. You can choose interesting prints that are colourful and feature food or animals. And finally, consider getting him a memorable shirt with geometric patterns. You can opt for two colours or go with several multi coloured options, depending on your hipster’s personal style. You can also consider browsing through some of the favourite hipster brands and finding the ideal item.

Get that coffee in

For hipsters getting a regular cup of Joe is not an option. They need to go through the entire process carefully as brewing a great cup of coffee is an art form. So getting your hipster the perfect coffee brewing set might be an ideal gift. Make sure you incorporate a vintage cup in the set as well. There is nothing better than having a home-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, one that you took the time to make. In addition, consider getting a coffee brand that is hard to get, one that is rare and shows you made an additional effort.

Vintage showbiz

As we have already gone over, vintage gifts carry special weight for hipsters. So getting them a piece of old showbusiness might be the greatest gift. These types of gifts include vintage records or film reels. They can also serve as a decor piece. You can find these unique gifts at the local yard sales, and if you want to make this gift even more unique find vintage gramophones or move reel projectors. You can even surprise him with a romantic vintage movie night.


So there you are, the five perfect gifts for your hipster. You can’t go wrong with any of the above mentioned ideas.