5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

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5 Birthday Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

Producing the perfect bottle of whisky takes both time and patience, and it should a be drunk in the same way, savoring every sip. There are some items a true whiskey lover should definitely own in order serve and consume whisky in style. And if you want to get them the perfect gift here are some great options they are bound to appreciate.

Ever useful cooling whisky stones

What makes cooling whisky stones the perfect gift is the fact that, unlike ice, they are non-porous which makes them odorless and  tasteless. That means that they will chill your drink without affecting its perfect taste. These stones are available in different shapes and colors, so you can choose the batch most suited to your gift receiver's style. It takes them a few hours to get freezing cold in the freezer and the best part is that they won't dilute your drink as they warm up.

The perfect bottle of whisky

Of course this is the ideal gift for any whiskey lover, but be careful, a wrong choice might even be offensive. So take your time and browse for the perfect bottle of whisky online, so that you make the ideal choice. You might even want to discover a bit more about the preferences of the person you are buying the gift for, just to make sure you are getting them exactly what they like. For a true whisky lover it is all about the balanced taste.

A stylish rocking glass

This is both a fun and useful gift for any whisky lover. First of all, the shape of the glass itself makes it rock and rotate naturally on a flat surface, this in return helps release the aromas and flavors of the chosen whisky brand. This is an aspect that will really be appreciated by all whiskey aficionados. In addition, you could get a whole set of whiskey rocking glasses making it a truly remarkable gift that will make serving this drink a unique and memorable experience.

A custom whisky tasting set

Now, this is a gift only true whisky aficionados will know how to really appreciate. Creating a whisky tasting set can take quite some time as you need to get a wide variety of brands and types from soft and firm to nutty, oaky or peppery. The bigger the selection of whiskies the cooler this gift will get. Make sure that you have enough to fill a single glass with each type you choose. In case you don’t have the patience or time to create such a gift on your own you can always opt for a premade one, it won't be quite as exciting but it will still be an interesting present.

Rustic barrel coasters

A stylish gift to make the whole whisky drinking experience complete. You can even opt to have these coasters created from some old whisky barrels to make the that much more special. The edges can be framed with engraved metallic finishes and it would be a great idea to have the wood protected so that the moist from the glass does not affect it as much. As a special touch you can personalize these coasters with the initials of the whiskey lover they are meant for.


So there you have it, five perfect gifts for any true whisky aficionado. With such great options you can’t go wrong and the person you are buying these unique gift for will know how to appreciate them. After all whisky drinking is an art and it takes time and love to master, and it is never complete without the right set of tools.