7 Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Best Mate

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7 Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Best Mate

If you thought finding a gift for your girlfriend was a grueling ordeal, wait ‘till your best mate’s birthday rolls along. The present not only needs to be from the heart and speak of your bond as brothers, but it also has to be useful and serve a purpose.

Here are 7 original and surprising gifts for your best mate that will not only save you plenty of time, but also make your gift better than everyone else’s!

If he’s into DIY

The best gift you can give a bloke is a practical one, and luckily, there is something unique to give every type of mate. In case your best friend likes spending his time messing about with overly complicated DIY projects, then a multifunction handsaw is a gift he’ll cherish forever.

Moreover, DIY guys are notorious for losing crucial bits and bobs everywhere, and as funny as it may be to watch him trying to find the last screw before the whole thing falls apart, you will do your mate a great favor if you got him a magnetic wristband.

If he’s a cook

If perchance, your best buddy is your crew’s designated cook for those long weekend barbecues entailing ungodly amounts of meat and alcohol, then a nonstick BBQ grill mat is probably the best thing you could give him. Rather than having to scrape off burnt food remains off grill grates, he can use a nonstick mat to grill all day long.

The mat can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth or even thrown into the dishwasher.

If he’s a liquor lover

Does your best friend love drinking with his mates and has a passion for quality liquor? While anyone can pour hard liquor from the bottle, you best mate will be the talk of the neighborhood with his retro style gas pump whiskey dispenser. The retro dispenser is a perfect addition to any home bar and a great way to bring any party ambiance to a new level.

If he’s an outdoorsman

Racing, diving, canyoning, climbing? All very dangerous sports. You don’t want your best friend to stop enjoying his passion, no matter how insane it might seem to you, but you do want to give him something that will not only fuel his desire but also save his life, if it comes to it. One of the best outdoor accessories you could give him is a 5 in 1 emergency survival bracelet, equipped with a whistle, a knife, compass, flint stone, and paracord string. This one can prove to be a lifesaver, so do your crazy mate a favor.

If he likes to party

If the man likes to party, then give him a party of a lifetime! There is no better way to surprise your best mate and give him something to remember than to plan an off the hook party, and the best way to do that is to introduce a special ingredient into the mix – topless waitresses. At Sydney Topless Waitresses you can pick the most gorgeous women on the planet to wait on you all night long, guaranteeing that your party will be a mind-blowing success and one the crew will never forget!

If he’s a wannabe musician

Whether your mate is a guitarist, or is dreaming of becoming one, a portable pocket guitar is the best thing you could give him. He can use it when he is on the go to practice his chords, scales, and finger technique. Not only is this a great gift that will allow his technique to stay on point, but it will also quench his thirst for playing when he doesn’t have his guitar on hand.

If he’s the fitness type

Fitness dudes are not only obnoxious with their Instagram videos and motivational selfies, but they are also constantly on the search for gear that could help them reach new heights and give them something to brag about.

So why not help your best mate indulge in his obsession with an infusion water bottle? The bottle will allow him to stay hydrated during his workouts with the added fruits or supplements plus he’ll have a new badass bottle to brag about on social media – it’s a win-win!

Prove you are brothers for life by giving your best mate a practical, manly gift he will cherish forever!