Unconventional Gifts for the Men in Your Life

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Unconventional Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Ladies (and gents), when was the last time you gave your man a truly unique gift? We’re talking about something that makes them want to cry from joy (but they don’t, because men), but even more importantly, something so good that it makes them feel bad for not getting you anything. Do you see the possibilities that unfold before you? By giving an amazing gift, you can receive one yourself, and hold them in your debt as icing on the cake.

But stepping away from selfish desires and in-relationship manipulations as inviolable parts of any deep, spiritual connection, you really do want to break the monotony a bit and give your loved one something personal and unique, something that, depending on their personality, will make them laugh, change for the better and simply, love you more.

For the DIY guy

You dread it, you might even hate it, but his passion for assembling and disassembling things in and around the house is what keeps him going, and you should always support your hubby’s passion. Well, maybe not always, but in case he loves DIY projects, not only can you alleviate the stress in your life, but also make his projects more fruitful if you get him a functional handyman gift.

You can’t go wrong with a magnetic wristband that will allow him to sort his screws and nails easily while “fixing” things, and an 11 in 1 magical handsaw is a perfect gift for his complicated building projects. No matter if he’s building a crib or a chair, you want to take all the necessary precautions.

For the fitness nut

Does he love lifting weights and being “limitless” like a star of a very bad motivational video? Do you still fail to see the point in his obsession over every calorie and the amount of weight he lifted on Tuesday? Well, to him, it matters, and the best gift you can get him is a fitness training mask to elevate his performance. And in case you don’t want him to faint from dehydration during his gruelling workout, a half-gallon hydrator will allow him to maintain a healthy water intake throughout the day.

Male enhancement underwear

Boys come in all shapes and sizes. And we’re not talking about their height. In case your man is proud of his underpants package, and especially if he is not, the best gift to boost his confidence and ensure your own long-term happiness is to get him male enhancement underwear.

That’s right, there is no better way to naturally increase the length and girth of his Johnson than by letting him wear underwear that will elevate his performance in the bedroom and make you two the happiest couple on earth.

For the adventurer

Does he love to climb mountains, jump off tall structures and to your terror and disbelief, spend time in nature? No matter if you’re an outdoorswoman like him or not, you want to ensure his safety by getting him a portable water purifier that will let him stay hydrated even if he gets lost somewhere in the woods, his water bottle all dried up.

Additionally, his gadgets can stay charged even in the middle of nowhere with a solar power charger, while a 5 in 1 survival bracelet could end up saving his life, if need be. So, do your man a favour and let him safely enjoy his expeditions.

Sex toy

Finally, is your romantic life worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster starring none other than yourselves? Do you want to make it even better? If he hasn’t done it already, you can make his life infinitely happier and his wildest fantasies come true by getting him a sex toy.

An ever-growing number of Australians are giving these toys to their loved ones, and you can find the most imaginative sex toys in Australia with just a simple click of a button. What a daring and kinky nation it is, god bless them all.


A gift doesn’t have to be a new pair of socks every time, you know ‒ the more you give, the more you’ll receive. Luckily, with these unique and unconventional ideas, you can easily find the perfect gift to fit your lovable oaf and elevate your relationship to a completely new level of commitment.